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was in court today. police say 23-year-old gina union newest was drunk when she hit four pedestrians at the twin peaks lookout point thursday. one of those pedestrians was killed. police arrested eunice nearby at a parking lot and today the judge set bail at $2 million. >>> president obama will be on a red eye tonight on air force one of the he is cutting his hawaiian vacation short heading back to washington to deal with, you guessed it the "fiscal cliff." so far, nobody knows if any significant strides towards a compromise have been made. no negotiations have been scheduled. lawmakers now have less than a week to figure out a deal. the senate is due in session tomorrow. the house has no plans to convene. >>> a weak holiday shopping report to blame for today's wall street losses. all three indices down. >>> also not so great, retail sales. mastercard says americans ended up spending just 0.7% more on holiday gifts this year than last. the worst numbers since 2008, all this is a surprise since analysts were expecting up to 4% increase in sales. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman found the
's orchestrated by consumers union. >> we are gathering here today to urge trader joe's to stop selling meat and poultry raised with antibiotics. >> reporter: the reason a growing belief that overuse of antibiotics in livestock is making the drugs less effective in humans and encouraging the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. >> we are reaching a point where we're basically tying our hands and be able to treat the most vulnerable. >> reporter: consumers union contends most of the antibiotics given to livestock aren't necessary to keep it healthy a claim the meat industry disputes. >> they are given mostly to promote the growth of these animals to make them bigger faster. >> reporter: so why take on trader joe's? well, they already sell some meat and poultry raised without antibiotics. advocates want them to go whole hog. >> we expect more from them. it's time for trader joe's to once again be a leader and to take this important step. >> reporter: another reason? traders sells more private label products so it has more control over its suppliers and most antibiotic-free products can be mornin
's office and the police union. whatever case may be, another young man here in san jose is dead. family and friends of the slain teenager washed cars to raise money for his funeral. 17-year-old daniel cap atillo was shot at his home near pacific avenue in a gang- related killing. >> i miss him so much. >> reporter: the murder is part of an overall increase in crime in the area. >> one homicide is too many. 43 is high. >> reporter: san jose mayor chuck reed says he doesn't know why the murder rate is up this year tying a 20 year high. >> we need to aggressively respond and our department does a great job of that. one of the best clearance rates of any police department in the country. and we'll bring the rate down again. >> reporter: he denied allegations from the police union that the rise in crime is as a result of pension reform measures pushed by the mayor. union officers say cutbacks, layoffs and the dismantling of the violent crimes enforcement team means officers are moving from call to call on shifts and cut down on pro-active policing. stops are down 100,000 since pension reform
utitlity bills is giving new fodder to police union complaints. what the city >>> i'm dana king. hear is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. san jose utility bills is giving new father to complaints. what the city is asking of all its residents and why officers are questioning the timing of this. >> i was here last december. i got shot in the left side of my head. >> they sacrifice a lot defending our freedom, and now they are getting a little of their own. the program putting veterans behind the wheel of their own cars. those stories and more at 6:00. >> that's very cool. all right. we'll see you in 30. >> thank you. >>> quick look at what we have coming. that to-do list can get really long this time of year, so here is some good weather to do whatever you have to do outside. maybe just going skiing. good for you. low 60s tomorrow. mid-60s on sunday. all about that sunshine. >> it's nice. cbs evening news, scott pelly is coming. we will leave you that picture of the beacon commemorating pearl harbor. r thefi first time the supreme court jumps into the debate over same- se sex ma
sunday, and one dry day on christmas eve. highs tomorrow, san jose 57. redwood city 56. hayward, union city 56. last-minute shopping in walnut creek or pleasanton, mid-50s for you. rain likely especially early tomorrow sausalito, alameda, san francisco, mid-50s for your saturday. we are still wet on sunday. we get that break for santa claus and for the reindeer. they are going to have good navigation right into the bay area because monday will be dry. but as soon as christmas day afternoon, the rain comes back and rain is likely on wednesday and thursday and friday. this is our final check presentation for "food for bay area families." paul head of california middle market banking of jpmorgan chase is here. you have a great check but before that, tell us about your company's commitment to make sure people have simple things like food to put on the table this time of year. >> sure, paul. at jpmorgan chase, we're doing what we can to end hunger in the san francisco bay area this holiday season. and we're here today pleased to provide a check from our chase foundation to the san francisco
their nhl players union jerseys on this the 80th day of the lockout players reheating their skills in pickup games while the season is still on ice. >> mad at both sides: >> reporter: and hockey fans feel they are being locked out. >> at first it was kind of understood what they were doing but now it's dragging on. >> reporter: the longer it drags on it means fewer dollars in the pockets of struggling downtown businesses. >> our friend up in canada just did an assessment of the impacts around their arenas. business is 35% down. >> reporter: hockey game nights are the black fridays of restaurant and bars like britannia arms. soccer brought in some people for lunch but now it's empty weekday nights when the sharks would have been playing. >> they have lost about, you know, i think almost a dozen home games by now and it's been noticeable. you miss a tuesday night, sharks home game is better than any friday saturday night that we are going to get. >> reporter: it's not just the hockey players who are losing work. the kitchen and wait staffs are losing hours and the restaurant has had a hiring
of unions. and michelle miller. in this season of giving, remembering those who gave all. >> it's got a beautiful look, really. with a nice red bow.
next week. oakland tomorrow, 56. san jose 55. redwood city 55. union city hayward only 54. concord actually warmer tomorrow but still only 52. santa rosa 52. alameda tomorrow 55 degrees. scattered showers both weekend days saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday, we still have a rain chance. the next break from the rain will be next wednesday and next thursday. and that is your cbs 5 forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hook" elementary in newtown, connecticut this morning. 20 of those were children. >>> 26 people were killed at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut this morning. 20 of those were children. the triggerman has been identified as 20-year-old adam lanza. he is also dead. but lanza also killed his mother at their home before going to the school where she was a kindergarten teacher. this is the deadliest shooting rampage at an elementary school in u.s. history. >>> ken bastida with mobile5 and ken, the horror of what happened in connecticut certainly striking a chord around the country and here in the bay area. >> reporter: yeah, no question about
in the 50s tomorrow again san jose 54, palo alto 53. union city 53. shopping tomorrow in concord, 53 degrees. that's it. but we'll be dry. dublin 52. low 50s for san leandro. extended forecast, dry streak ends on wednesday. then we get sogging. that's the last shopping weekend before christmas and it will be for all intents and purposes a washout. >> oy. >> have to go in the mall and smell the peppermint. >> warm up. >> and grab the red. >> to the right. [ laughter ] >>> thanks, paul. hawaii center daniel inoue one. longest serving lawmakers in american history has die. inouye was the longest serving center and the president mow tell of the senate making him third in line to presidential succession. he was also the highest ranking asian-american politician in u.s. history and a world war ii medal of honor recipient. he was 88. >>> today nasa crashed into the mood according to plan. how the end of one mission will be a tribute to a groundbreaking astronaut. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a new offer and some new optimism in washington that so-called fiscal cliff may b tara mergener o >>> those are nice holid
to normal. sunnyvale 54. los altos 55. union city 53. pittsburg and concord only 52 after that cold start danville up to 52. low 50s for highs. rain late thursday. we are wet on friday and saturday. we're wet on sunday. right now christmas eve and christmas day are trending mainly dry. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,, oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- that you have to lose weight first. it's a growing trend. l has the story. >>> picture this. you need to have surgery but your doctor says you're too heavy. you have to lose weight first. that's a growing trend. dr. kim has the story. >>> reporter: the 35-year-old has a lot to be thankful for this year. two years agoing the father of four had complete heart failure. >> you're always breathing like you thi
's role in guns and violence. the president wants concrete proposals in time for his state of the union address next month. >> the president is absolutely committed to keeping his promise that we will act and we will act in a way that is designed even if he says we could only save one life, we have to take action. >> san francisco mayor ed lee pushing for stronger regulations on certain types of ammunition. he is proposing a citywide ban on commercial sales of hollow point bullets. he also wants police notified when anyone in the city buys 500 or more rounds of ammunition at once. >>> san francisco police also announced plans for another gun buyback event afternoon last weekend's huge successful one. but cbs 5 reporter mark sayre shows us it may be impossible to keep one a huge spike in gun sales. >> this hand guard is attached by -- >> reporter: here at the bay area gun vault in mountain view the owner says business has been brisk. >> one of the most popular sellers, the ar-15 semi- automatic rifle. >> well, uhm, the government is wanting to ban certain types of rifles and they are ver
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11